"Go Forth": Levi's neu kontextualisiert

Es scheint so, als sei Levi's, die Jeansmarke, die so eng mit der amerikanischen Geschichte verwoben ist, in der Realität angekommen...

In December 2008, Levi's ditched its old ad agency and signed on with Wieden + Kennedy (the talented ad makers responsible for creating many of Nike's epic, stirring, one-minute anthems). The spots that W+K came up with—this new campaign is labeled "Go Forth"—have been running since the summer in movie theaters and, increasingly, on television. From the moment we see that "America" sign half-sunk in inky water, we know we're watching something new. The campaign inhabits a different universe from the one depicted in "Live Unbuttoned."
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Grundlage der Neuen Kampagne sind Gedichte des US-amerikanischen Dichters Walt Whitman.

And there's logic to this match between a quintessentially American poet and a quintessentially American product. Whitman's verse allows Levi's to evoke not only its proud history but a forward-looking present—the pioneering, American mindset that Whitman captured and that Levi's hopes to embody.
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Unterlegt mit Walt Whitman's Pioneers! O Pioneers!


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